Coming Home for Christmas

Coming Home For Christmas

Have my bags upon my back
Open road beneath my feet
The snow falls gently to the ground
Behold my footprints-on a street

Time stood still as I looked down
Upon the measure of my mark
Another time, Another year
Christmas memories – lights a spark

All around a bustling crowd
Still I stood and was alone
Among the strangers as they jolted
My feet were here – my heart was home

Amidst the noise – a silent night
Frozen in the snows of time
A child was born what lies ahead ?
The easy road or borderline ?
Said goodbye with smiling eyes
Told you all roads lead to Rome
But the snow lies softly on the ground
It’s Christmas – and I’m coming home …….

What have I learnt along the road
Away from all the Irish eyes?
Freedom still exacts a price
It’s not just 3 men that are wise.

Cut the holly from the bough
Decorate the Christmas tree
My hearts at home with you tonight
I think of you- you think of me

Footprints on a foreign shore
Upon a snowy winters eve
Impress upon a roaming soul
And in that moment – I Believe !!!

© Meghan Ali Maguire & Deborah Maguire

Far Off Shores

Far Off Shores

Verse 1: I can see you driving in your car,
Staring at the open road ahead,
Looking at the sky above and asking,
“Where do I go next ?”
Then you see a sign – you realise
You’re free to roam, but the road in green and gold,
Is calling you home.

Verse 2: And then you turn around and smile at me,
You say you have to go – “The road is calling me,
But before I go sing me one last song to send me on my way…”

“To far off shores,
Where the horse runs wild and free.
To far off shores,
Where the trees stretch to the sea.
To far off shores,
Where the robin flies to me.
On far off shores,
I’ll wait for ye.”

Verse 3
And as you look behind to say goodbye,
You see the tears within my eyes,
You hold me close and softly say
“I must be on my way.”
And as you turn around I finally see
Just how much you really mean to me,
But your work here is done like the setting sun and its time for you to go.


Instrumental Bridge

Verse 4

Often times I wander down the path,
I know that you have treaded in the past.
I see the shiny sails on the horizon,
I can’t help but think of you.
And as the wind whispers through the trees,
I know that soon again we’ll meet,
For to you I’ll run when my time here is done – but for now, I have to stay.


© Meghan Ali Maguire & Arann Maguire

Men Men Men

Men Men Men

I hate, I hate the way I love you,
You always, you always make me feel blue,
Why do, why do you always vex me
You’re OMG- so damn sexy!!

Men Men Men Men I hate the way I love you
Men Men You always make me feel so blue
why do you always always vex me
You’re OMG- so damn sexy !!

My bags are packed ……..Gentlemen
I’m off to be a lesbian.

Verse 1
Is it, Is it the way that you smile ?
That pulls at my heart strings
And lights up the night sky?
But not enough for that twinkle in your eye
To lighten the darkness that comes with your lies!!


What’s up, what’s up with the alpha male,
Round up the whole crew and lock them in man jail.

Verse 2
A world without men-it’s never too late-ta
Crash land the alphas and fly with plan beta

Chorus (x2)

© Meghan Ali Maguire, Deborah Maguire & Billy Farrell